What is a CDD?

A community development district (CDD) is a local, special-purpose government framework authorized by Florida Statutes as an alternative to municipal incorporation for managing and financing infrastructure required to support development of a community. It is a legal entity that has the power and right to enter into contracts; to own both real and personal property; adopt by-laws, rules and regulations and orders; to sue and be sued; to obtain funds by borrowing; to issue bonds; and to impose assessments and levy taxes on property within the district. These taxes and assessments pay the construction, operation and maintenance costs of certain public facilities and services of the district, and are set annually by the governing board of the CDD. They are itemized on the property tax statement, in addition to county and other local governmental taxes and assessments as provided for by law.
We belong to the River Hall CDD. The CDD is responsible for many different things within River Hall - mainly infrastructure: roads, drainage, etc. These were financed by bonds - over 25 million dollars worth on the last financial statement -  and a great deal of what you see on your tax bill for the CDD is for interest and debt repayment. The CDD is controlled by a board of supervisors, five individuals elected by the landowners of the district.
The CDD has broad authority to act, spend money, and raise our taxes. What areas they control is governed by Florida Statues, but unlike most other government agencies, the CDD taxes are not attached to the value of the property. They are set by the CDD board annually.
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Why you should register to and vote in the general election.

No, this isn't a civics lesson - you know the standard reasons. But you might not know the the CDD board is elected - and two of the five seats are open and will be be decided during the November general election.

Currently there is no one from Cascades on the CDD board. But there is one resident running for a seat - Bob Lorenzen. And, while we aren't trying to tell you who to vote for, you probably agree that it is a good idea having representation for Cascades on the CDD.
In such a small election - about 2000 votes cast last time - every vote matters. So be sure you are registered. Get a mail-in ballot if you like. But make sure our voices are heard and Cascades Residents are represented.

Here is a link to the Candidates for 2022 General Election.  Click on 2022 CANDIDATE INFORMATION - Countywide/Local Office, Countywide Special District, Independent Special District.  Then put "River Hall" in the search box to see the CDD candidates.